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SFIC Group distributes fashion brands CK Jeans, CK Underwear, and CELIO. In 2009, SFIC merged together the three brands and launched the SFIC VIP system. The group invited BLANQ to create an exclusive visual gift for their VIP. Having studied the target customers of SFIC VIP, BLANQ believes that the main visual has to possess the three very unique characters of the three brands – the American casual beauty of CK Jeans, the sleek comfort of CK Underwear, and the unruly Parisian chic of CELIO. BLANQ names the perspective approach with “Inside Out”, which inspire its audience with the panorama of the three brands and the glamour they inherit.

SFIC集團共有 CK Jeans, CK Underwear, CELIO 三大品牌。2009年SFIC整合旗下三個品牌,推出SFIC VIP制度,並邀請BLANQ發想創作獨贈VIP的視覺獻禮。BLANQ仔細檢視持有SFIC VIP資格的族群後,認為本系列主視覺必須含括三大品牌特色—CK Jeans美式隨性恣意,CK Underwear舒適有型,CELIO則擁有法式的瀟灑不羈。BLANQ決定以 “Inside Out” 作為概念,以透視鏡呈像方式,使溝通對象看見若結合三大品牌,個人將由內而外散發時尚魅力。