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“BE DARING” is the ethos of JUMP. As an Asian footwear brand it demonstrates a perfect combination of design, innovation and craftsmanship, and is set to triumph in the American market with its fearless vision. JUMP laid its primitive brand image on the ethos “Be Daring…” and has attracted a large pool of movers and shakers alike. To reveal the West-meets-East perspective of JUMP, BLANQ vitalizes the aesthetics of Chinese ink painting techniques with vivacious freeze-frame images to present the brand’s cutting-edge state of mind.

「勇於嘗試」是2008年JUMP所提出的品牌訴求。這個有效整合設計、研發與製作步驟的亞洲男鞋品牌,在該年度以大膽無畏的形象進軍美國市場。 JUMP創造他們第一個品牌形象的精神是“勇於嘗試…”,吸引具有相同理念膽識的朋友。為了呈現JUMP結合東西方文化的概念,BLANQ擷取中式水墨畫皴擦潑染等筆法元素,再以富含動感的連續定格畫面,展演狂放不羈的品牌性格,表現融會東西的品牌涵構。