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For the first HOME HOTEL, our strategic concept started with "MIT" (Made In Taiwan) and captured the essence by portraying traditional Chinese culture with a new and modern design approach.

With HOME HOTEL DA-AN, we wanted to go deeper into the culture of Taiwan, so what would be better than showing the passion of Taiwan aboriginals. The aboriginals' way of life is by making the best use of things, using what nature has to offer with no pretentious designs and only for the purpose of living.

With this understanding, CHiNGLiSH Concepts approached the branding and designs in a very similar way but with a twist of modern creativity.


在 與 HOME HOTEL 團隊的密切討論與規劃後,這次 HOME HOTEL DA-AN 的品牌概念與設計,CHiNGLiSH Concepts 決定延續初始的概念:以「人」為出發點,以「臺灣」為故事發展藍圖,更將焦點聚集於臺灣原住民的精神與智慧;從原住民的元素與故事,去解構、分析,以文化 為基底、用時尚語彙轉化成新的視覺驚喜與創意觸動。

無 論是豐富飽滿的色彩表現、自然元素的拼貼手法,亦或是隨性不羈的線條繪製,在在皆是將臺灣原住民的人生哲學與生活智慧,諸如樂天知命的處事態度、敬神奉祖 的慎終思維、勇敢熱情的行事作風,以及就地取材的靈巧慧心,轉化成別有一番滋味的臺灣映像、令旅人再三咀嚼回味的心頭回憶。