Art Direction, Fashion, Film

This film was commissioned by Regent Hotel group 晶華酒店 for their 2015 global corporate campaign.

In Chinese culture, characters have been composed through "symbolic forms" and "philosophical meanings," which also became the essence and backbone of traditional Chinese aesthetics.

Our visual expression of this project is based on capturing "symbolic forms" and "philosophical meanings.“

We have choreographed the dance in portraying the meaning of the characters and the movement to capture the form and strokes of each character.

This visual art of dancing calligraphy balances out the philosophical essence found in Chinese culture of"movement and internal strength."

"永 Yong" - Modern / Classic / Timeless

生命之源 恆常彌新 慎身而修永. - 自"天"而起之, 論述中華文化的永恆性.

"雅 Ya" - Simple & Elegant

處世之道 雍容雅步 崇雅而黜浮. - 處"地"而觀之, 論述中華文化的姿態與氣度.

"藝 Yi" - Art / Bespoke / Familiar

美善之巔 才學盡出 通文而達藝. - 集"人"而成之, 論述中華文化的生活工藝, 技術與藝術.

古代漢字造字有六種起源與方法(即六書 : 象形 / 指事 / 會意 / 形聲 / 轉注 / 假借),體現了當時的觀點及語彙。

現在,我們要以屬於當代的新觀點和新語彙,從"永. 雅. 藝." - 三個漢字、三種面向, 三段故事,形塑當代 屬於全球的新中華文化.